Welcome to my kitchen !


Bienvenue to Odiles Cooking!

Allo! My name is Odile Goutte.

Irish at heart, but french to my bones! I adore cooking! Its so difficult to put into words what I want to show you. I see everything in pink when I cook! It is my happy place! Food is moi! And if I can’t get it across in words, hopefully you will taste it with my recipes! Cooking shouldn’t be stressful so I’m here to share with you my hints and tips that only came from years of trial, error and disasters. Cooking, like everything you enjoy, should become fun, an expression of YOU! I’ve always wanted to share my recipes and ideas with my friends and family, so here it is, I’m doing it! Healthy home cooking with a certain je ne sais quoi here to share with you! Any suggestions or concoctions.

Lets get cooking!


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