Roasted Pork in mustard Sauce

Roasted Pork in Mustard Sauce

By December 14, 2015

This pork recipe has been handed down to me from my mother; she was a fabulous cook and gave me my passion for food. This recipe will make your pork moist tender and never enough on the plate.

Let’s get cooking!

For 6-8 people

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 1.30h minutes



1/ Place the pork in a metal oven dish and cover with mustard and I mean cover, we do not want to see the pork underneath.

2/ Peel and cut to even size the potatoes, put them in a bowl coat them with oil, salt and pepper and place around the pork. At the bottom of the dish add a glass of water to keep the roast moist

3/ Cook your roast gas mark 7(2100) for an hour, then turn the meat (spread some more mustard) and potatoes, turn the oven down to gas mark 6(1800) for another half an hour. When finished cooking leave everything in the oven to rest for a further 15mn for the juice to come out and play.

4 / Take the meat and the potatoes out of the oven dish on a serving plate. (Scrapping the mustard off from the pork in your oven dish). Place the oven dish on the gas ring at a very high heat, add the fresh cream, another tablespoon of mustard, salt and  black pepper and deglaze ,keep on turning until the cream  become golden brown.

I served the pork with a purée of parsnip and carrots,( do not forget the pinch of nutmeg), I do enjoy the sweetness of the parsnip with the pork.


 Bon appétit!

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  1. Eilis

    Sounds delicious. Will try to cook it

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