Courgette Lasagne

Courgette Lasagne

By July 31, 2015

This recipe is so easy, feeds all those hungry people and is so tasty that you might never again make classic lasagne.

For the  occasion I use green and yellow courgettes to make the lasagne looking even better.

It is also important to use good quality sausages with a minimum of 60% meat content. Let’s get cooking!


For 6-8 people

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 45 minutes



1/ In your food processor put in the onions and garlic peeled, once chopped add in the mince pork, the sausages (skin removed), the Herb de Provence and the black pepper. Keep on mixing until it is well mixed.

2/ Wash the courgettes and slice them thin enough. Put half in your oven dish sprinkle them with black pepper and a tblsp of the Herb de Provence. Now spread as evenly as possible the mixture of the two meats on top and finish with the other half of the courgettes. Finish with the tomato sauce and the grated cheese of your choice, I do recommend Conté cheese, cook for 30-45mn in the oven gas mak 5(1500) until the top is golden brown.

Bon appétit!

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One Response to Courgette Lasagne

  1. Cecile

    Amazing recipe that I had the chance to taste at an incredible Franco-Irish evening in the Corbières, last summer.

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