Slow Cook Beef with Carrots

Slow Cook Beef with Carrots

By July 2, 2015

This recipe I must say brings me back home, the flavours are just so right; the combination of the beef with the carrots is extraordinary, cooked with wine but of course! As I said “brings me back home”

The choice of wine is a bit unconventional but done one purpose for a lighter dish.       Let’s get cooking!


For 5 people

  • Prep Time : 30 minutes
  • Cook Time : 2h 00 min



1/ In your pot , on a very high heat, drizzle with oil  brown the beef, preferably in one chunk, 5-10mn on each side. In the meantime peel and chopped roughly your onions, carrots and garlic. When the beef is golden brown put it aside to rest.

2/ bring down the heat to medium and add your veg to brown, 5-10mn while stirring now and again. Add the herbs the salt and pepper to taste. Only add the wine and the water when the bottom of your pan starts to be sticky. Place the beef on top cover and let it stew in your oven for an hour gas mark 5(1500)  .

3/ After an hour add the potatoes peeled, washed and cut in  4 length ways. Return to cook for 40 mn switch off and let it rest, if you can, for 15mn, the meat will keep on tenderising and the flavours will come together for one last moment.

Bon appétit!

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