Ham&Leeks,Carrots and Dill in White Sauce

Ham&leeks,carrots and Dill in White Sauce

By May 20, 2015

For this recipe the dill sounds like an unusual combination with the ham and yet works so well. Furthermore you are going to  use all the beautiful homemade ham stock full of all the nutrients.

Try and see for yourself.


For 6-8 people

  • Prep Time : 30 minutes
  • Cook Time : 2h20 minutes



1/ In a big pot place the ham pieces the leeks, previously wash and cut in chunks, the carrots, peeled and cut into chunks also, bay leaf,dill, the garlic and onions(pricked with the clove). Cover with water and let it simmer for a good 2 hours.

2/ For the white sauce you are going to use the homemade stock that you have just made with your ham. In a pot melt the butter then add the rice flour, when the flour has absorbed the butter add a ladle at a time of the ham and veg stock, making sure to stir at all time and only adding more stock  when the mix become dry again until you get a beautiful white sauce. You want the sauce nice and fluid with coating consistency, add the nutmeg and stir one last time.

I usually serve it with rice cooked, as the white sauce, in the stock. It is delicious!


Bon appétit!


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