Aubergine Lasagna

Aubergine Lasagna

By March 19, 2015

For this recipe I recommend other cheese than cheddar for the only reason of the oiliness when cooking .

For 6-8 people

  • Prep Time : 45 minutes
  • Cook Time : 30-35 minutes



1/ Slice the aubergines unpeeled length-ways(not too thin but not too thick) brush them with some oil and sauté your aubergines until they become golden brown and soften. Put aside

2/ Brown the steak mince in a pan then add the crushed garlic the sliced mushrooms, basil, oregano salt and pepper to taste. Let it cooked for 5mn and add the tomato sauce, making sure to keep enough to cover the last layer of your lasagna. Bring down the heat to a simmering point and let it cook for a further 15mn.

3/ In your lasagna dish start with a layer of aubergine (be generous with the aubergines they have a tendency to melt) then the meat and repeat the operation.

4/ Cover the last layer of aubergine with the rest of the tomato sauce and add the cheese. Cook it in the oven gas mark5(150o) for 30 - 35 mn until golden brown.
Serve it with (a homemade) garlic bread.
You will not regret it!!!!

Bon appétit!

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